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Chicago Painting Contractors & Professional Decorating Company

We are full-service, professional Chicago painting contractors and decorators serving city neighborhoods and suburbs since 1996. We strive to provide quality, customized service to residents and businesses wishing to make improvements to the interior or exterior of their property. We handle a spectrum of painting and decorating projects, large and small, straightforward and complex.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Residential painting and decorating
  • Landmark property and Victorian style restorations
  • Commercial painting and decorating, for builders, condo associations and subdivisions
  • New construction painting and decorating
  • Concrete and metal waterpool painting
  • Decorator services: Interior design and Faux painting
  • Services associated with painting and decorating, such as various repairs, bath, kitchen remodeling and tile installation

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We believe that professional approach and attention to detail are essential to success of a decorating job. Thorough preparation and painting according to industry standards ensures customer satisfaction. We constantly strive to become the best in Chicago-land.

In 2009, we participated in accreditation program by Painting and Decorating Contractors of Illinois (PDCI). Both professional testing and customer review scores resulted in earning PDCI "Contractor of the Year" award. We are planning to continue exceeding expectations and will do everything to earn this award for 2010.

Premium paints we use help achieve truly professional results in decorating. We help you with design and colors.

Our promise of quality is supported by a warranty. You can also purchase a yearly maintenance plan for a preset number of years. Please read more about it in the Warranty section.

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Commercial painting project. Click to enlarge

Residential painting project. Click to enlarge

Residential painting project. Click to Enlarge

Residential painting project. Click to Enlarge

Residential painting project. Click to Enlarge

Residential painting project. Click to Enlarge


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